@techvitamin is about connecting with interesting people in the broader tech scene doing interesting things. Some will be familiar to you, some not. Some will be “in the news,” and others will be quietly working on world changing things. Some have already “done it” and have new passions and perspectives. There will be topics you’re not expert in, but are well worth listening to.

We will post episodes as often as it makes sense given our day jobs.

Our tenets

We value authentic interaction over spin. We have little interest in neatly laundered history. Tone should be a happy hour conversation, not a press tour. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and hopefully our guests will follow suit. We value the absurd, ironic, and paradoxical, and respect people who recognize good fortune (especially their own).

We assume listeners are smart and curious, and we’ll err on the side of depth. There’s a balance to be struck of course, but guests will have more energy if they’re not always forced to stay high level.

We want to spend our energy on sourcing great guests, questions, and rendering the audio of those conversations well. We all have day jobs, so we’ll likely sacrifice sounds effects, theme songs and the like.

The dog logo

John’s dog Milo has been a beloved part of two startups and very dog friendly Amazon(!). We once considered issuing a press release announcing our new Chief Canine Officer, just to troll our competitor’s ridiculously inflated exec team (and titles).

An Amazonian once said the best reason to have dogs in the workplace was to “humanize” even the scariest people.

I'm a big dog.
Milo, Chief Canine Officer